World’s Toughest Race Episodes 1 & 2 with Coree Woltering & Samantha Gash

eco challenge coree woltering sam gash

World’s Toughest Race podcast coverage is here! Coree Woltering and Samantha Gash join Zack Hacker, Jonny Fairplay, and Matt Bischoff to kick off coverage of the new Amazon Prime series that follows the Eco Challenge Fiji competition.


Coree Woltering from Team Onyx and Samantha Gash from Team Aussie Rescue come on Survivor NSFW with Jonny Fairplay, Matt Bischoff, and Zack Hacker to kick off coverage of Amazon Prime’s hot new reality competition series – World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji.


Coree and Samantha talk about how they got into adventure racing, their ultra running accomplishments, how the series compares to Survivor (given Sam’s experience on Australian Survivor), and all the events of the first 2 episodes of World’s Toughest Race.


At the end, Zack gets into spoilers for the rest of the series about how each of their teams ended their race experience.


They’ll be breaking down all the action in the adventure race competition with surprise guests from the standout teams that populate the race, and this first episode is no exception! 


Follow along as Survivor NSFW breaks down all the episodes with other competitors, gain a glimpse of the competition that inspired Mark Burnett to create Survivor, and hear about the life changing journeys that these competitors went on.

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